Photo/IllutrationThe June edition of “Koho Sapporo,” the city’s monthly publication, used illustrations inspired by a famous manga without the author's consent. (Fumiko Yoshigaki)

SAPPORO--Manga artist Riyoko Ikeda has received an apology from the city government here for publishing illustrations resembling her work “The Rose of Versailles” in a publication without consent.

Ikeda’s production company in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, complained on June 6 that the author’s copyright was violated in the June edition of “Koho Sapporo” pamphlet, which ironically featured the issue of “good manners.”

The city apologized to the company in person and published an apology in the pamphlet’s July edition, a Sapporo official told The Asahi Shimbun.

The monthly publication is aimed at promoting the charms of Sapporo.

An official of the production company said, “This is regrettable, especially considering that the pamphlet featured ‘good manners,’ but we do not plan to take legal action.”

The illustrations in question were clearly inspired by “The Rose of Versailles” main characters Marie Antoinette and her guard Oscar, who was born a girl but raised as a man.

In the publication, the two characters’ names were slightly altered, with “Oscar” changed to “Oshikaru,” a play on the Japanese "shikaru" (scolding).

Oshikaru teaches the princess how to board subways and throw away garbage properly.

The manga, set in France before and during the French Revolution, started running in 1972 in the Margaret weekly comic magazine, and is a classic of the girls’ manga genre.