Torrential rain severed train lines operated by West Japan Railway Co. in western Japan. (Video footage by Kazuhiro Ichikawa)

Several months will be needed to restore all train services on the Sanyo Line in the flood-damaged Chugoku region, West Japan Railway Co. (JR West) said.

For the Geibi Line, it will take almost a year for full operations to resume.

JR West said July 11 that nine of the railway lines it runs in western Japan were damaged in the torrential rain. Ten now-inoperable sections will require more than a month of repair work.

The Sanyo Shinkansen Line escaped serious damage in the disaster and has been operating between Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka Prefecture and Hakata Station in Fukuoka Prefecture.

However, on the Sanyo Line for local trains, passengers traveling west from Osaka now have to stop at Kasaoka Station in Okayama Prefecture. Trains on the same line heading east from Kyushu can only go as far as Tokuyama Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The route between Tokuyama and Kasaoka stations is now inaccessible because of the flooding.

The sections on the Sanyo Line between Mihara Station and Kaitaichi Station in Hiroshima Prefecture and between Yanai Station and Tokuyama Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture will be out of service for more than a month, JR West said.

JR West, however, plans to restore operations within a month for 11 sections of nine lines, including the Sanyo Line between Kasaoka Station and Mihara Station and between Iwakuni Station and Yanai Station.

Shikoku Railway Co. (JR Shikoku), as of July 11, halted operations on the Yosan Line between Motoyama Station and Kannonji Station in Kagawa Prefecture and between Iyoshi Station and Uwajima Station in Ehime Prefecture. It also suspended services between Uwajima Station and Kubokawa Station on the Yodo Line.

The Yosan Line can still bring passengers from Okayama Prefecture to Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, in Shikoku via the Seto Ohashi bridge.

However, with no service between Motoyama Station and Kannonji Station, passengers will have to find other means of transportation if they want to reach Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.