Photo/IllutrationAkachan Honpo Co. says it will change the expression on its Mizu 99 Percent Super wipes package that states the company “will support all mothers across the nation." (Mana Takahashi)

A major baby products retailer has been spanked for suggesting that it is the mother's job to clean the infant's bottom.

A woman customer started an online campaign in response to an expression on the package of Mizu 99 Percent Super wipes, by Akachan Honpo Co., that the company “will support all mothers across the nation” with the product.

The campaign and public response forced Akachan Honpo, a leading chain of shops selling baby products, to remove the language on its package of paper wipes.

The phrase has been there since the product hit the shelves of the company’s outlets in 2006.

But a woman who identified herself as a customer of the company’s baby wipes complained to Akachan Honpo in an e-mail in early May: “It is not just mothers who change diapers.”

She started an online signature campaign calling on the Osaka-based company to modify the passage, suggesting it be replaced with, “We will support all people rearing children.”

The woman argued that the current phrase is tantamount to imposing child-raising responsibility only on mothers, alienating fathers and other child rearers.

Her campaign collected more than 5,000 signatures over about a month.

Akachan Honpo contacted the woman on June 20 to inform her of the company’s decision to drop the phrase.

“We have taken her opinion sincerely by becoming aware of the trend of the times and an increasingly diversified society,” a public relations official said.

The company plans to delete the expression from its packages of baby wipes that will be produced from now on.