Photo/IllutrationThe PCX Hybrid motorcycle will be released Sept. 14 for sale by Honda Motor Co. (Provided by Honda Motor Co.)

  • Photo/Illustraion

Honda Motor Co. will release the world’s first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid motorcycle on Sept. 14.

The PCX Hybrid, which relies on both an engine and a motor as power sources, is based on the PCX motorized scooter model with an engine displacement of 125cc.

Its fuel efficiency of 55 kilometers per liter of gasoline is not much different from that of an engine motorcycle, but the hybrid model allows smoother acceleration along uphill roads and in other situations.

Prices start at 432,000 yen ($3,830), including tax, which is about 90,000 yen higher than the price of the regular PCX.

The PCX Hybrid is operable in two modes: the “S” (sport) mode, with more focus on acceleration, and the “D” (drive) mode, which helps save on gasoline.

A smart key system, which allows the engine to be started with the push of a button, will be provided as part of the standard equipment, as with the standard PCX model.