A festival featuring a procession of mounted samurai warriors resumes in Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, for the first time in eight years on July 28. It is part of the annual Soma-Nomaoi festival. (Video taken by Naoko Kawamura)

NAMIE, Fukushima Prefecture--This disaster-stricken city feted a spectacle of mounted samurai warriors in period costume for the first time in eight years July 28 with a fully revived Soma-Nomaoi festival.

The annual festival traditionally spans a number of municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture and is designated as an important intangible folk cultural property by the central government.

Residents of Namie had to evacuate following the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in 2011.

The evacuation order was only lifted in March last year, except for some areas where there are lingering concerns about radiation levels.

Mounted warriors, led by their retainers, represented five areas, called “go,” or hometowns, that used to belong to the Soma-Nakamura domain that ruled today’s northeastern Fukushima Prefecture.

Last year, the procession was held in Odaka-go of Minami-Soma for the first time in seven years.

A similar procession also resumed in Shineha-go of Namie this year.

The festival is scheduled to last until July 30.