“Monster Strike” is set to return to the big screen in October with the release of the second animated feature film adaptation of the mobile game app.

“Monster Strike: Sora no Kanata” (beyond the sky) is being produced in 3D CGI by Orange Co., an anime studio known for “Land of the Lustrous.”

The film is set in a world where Tokyo has been separated into two after a part of the capital broke off to float in the air. “Old Tokyo” is an airborne city while “New Tokyo” is the part that remained on the ground.

The story unfolds when people peacefully living on the ground learn that Old Tokyo will fall from the sky.

A teaser visual shows Old Tokyo as it floats over the clouds.

The film is directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori, whose previous works include the “A Certain Magical Index” series. The production team boasts that it aims for a "world-class quality" picture.

Orange is known for achieving beautiful 3D CGI imagery for its works, in addition to adopting a pre-recording style to animate characters after dialogue is recorded.

Visit the film’s official website at (https://anime-movie.monster-strike.com/).

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