Photo/IllutrationKarolina Styczynska, a 1-kyu shogi player, at a Tokyo news conference (Provided by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.)

Karolina Styczynska of Poland, who became the first foreign female professional 1-kyu "shogi" player, has received a tribute in the form of an animated short.

The short film was directed by Mateus Urbanowicz, also from Poland, who is known for creating background art for Makoto Shinkai’s mega-hit anime film “Your Name.”

“Susume, Karolina.” (Go for it, Karolina.) was produced by Studio Colorido Co., whose latest film, “Penguin Highway,” hit cinemas on Aug. 17.

The short anime was unveiled in April this year when Styczynska announced that she signed a “nutritional sponsor” contract with CalorieMate, an energy bar and gel foods brand.

A fantasy-like anime drawn in vivid watercolors, the story shows how she comes across the chess-like Japanese strategy board game in her native country and goes on to become a female shogi player in Japan.

Urbanowicz’s previous works include “The Case of Hana & Alice” and “Space Dandy.”

Studio Colorido has also produced “Typhoon Noruda.”

A making-of video has also been published online to show the director drawing watercolor illustrations for the short film.

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