OSAKA--Pocky stick biscuits are already a big favorite with Japanese kids, but maker Ezaki Glico Co. wants to extend their appeal across the generations, and the globe, with a new “high-end version” of the snack.

The new line is named “Pocky Premiere Classe,” which means “first class” in French. It comes in “Chocolat” and “Matcha” (powdered green tea) flavors, with each set containing 24 sticks and priced at 600 yen ($5.40), tax free.

The product, designed to appeal to foreign tourists as a souvenir purchase, is available at an exclusive shop that opened on July 31 in the duty-free shop area just past passport control at Narita Airport’s Terminal 1.

The first fancy version of Pocky, “Baton d’or,” is already popular as a gift item. A standard package, which contains 36 sticks, is sold for 501 yen, including tax. It is exclusively available at department stores in the Kansai region, Fukuoka and at Osaka Airport in Itami, except for special events.

To dispel the image of a snack food intended for the masses, no characters for Pocky or the Glico logo are featured on the box.

However, the box of the Premiere Classe reads “Pocky” and features the company logo. It is aimed at raising the brand image in overseas markets.

Pocky is sold in about 30 countries and regions across the globe. By offering the prime grade Pocky as a souvenir from Japan, “we want to create an opportunity (for foreign tourists) to buy Pocky,” a publicist said.