Photo/IllutrationA life-size statue of Toru Amuro welcomes visitors at an exhibit re-creating Cafe Poirot at Tottori Airport in the Koyamacho-Nishi district of Tottori. Kogoro Mori is also present. (Tomoko Saito)

  • Photo/Illustraion
  • Photo/Illustraion

TOTTORI--With an eye on attracting non-flying customers, in particular "Detective Conan" ("Case Closed") fans, the remodeled terminal building at Tottori Airport has reopened.

The terminal, which reopened on July 28, was remodeled to connect the domestic and international terminals and house more shops.

The airport also added more decorations themed on Gosho Aoyama’s popular “Detective Conan” manga series.

The airport is nicknamed Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport in tribute to the famed dunes and the manga author, who hails from Hokuei, Tottori Prefecture.

The new decorations include an installation inscribed with a message written by Aoyama himself and an exhibit re-creating Cafe Poirot from the manga series. A life-size statue of Toru Amuro, who works at the cafe in the story, is set up in one corner to greet visitors.

The Conan Tantei-sha shop, which deals in related goods and souvenirs, also offers items available exclusively at the airport.

The remodeling project was undertaken to connect the domestic and international terminals previously housed in two buildings.

After the remodeling, the number of shops at the airport increased to seven from three. One of the new shops is operated by Oenosato Natural Farm to offer exclusive food items, while other eateries also use local specialties, including pottery wares for dishes and plates and traditional “washi” paper from Aoya in the prefecture for interior decorations.

Tottori prefectural government sold the right to operate the airport to a private-sector company in July this year. The prefectural government that retains ownership of the airport aims to increase the number of non-flying customers to 120,000 by fiscal 2023, which ends in March 2024, from 40,000 in fiscal 2017.