Photo/IllutrationSony Corp.'s robotic canine aibo (Provided by Sony Corp.)

Sony Corp.'s production plant in Aichi Prefecture has been "working like a dog" in breeding its aibo, allowing the company to begin expanding sales of the robotic canine to the United States from September.

In Japan, Sony has marketed more than 20,000 “pups” of its latest aibo since January.

The original Aibo, whose production was terminated in 2006, was the world’s first household robot and sold in Japan, the United States and Europe.

As for the new aibo, its physical appearance has been significantly altered in that the body is rounder and its pupils can move.

The reborn canine has also been gifted with artificial intelligence functions so that “he” can analyze his owner’s facial expressions, verbal comments and the way he's being touched, and show his emotions.

During exhibitions of home electrical appliances in the United States, visitors favorably reacted to the aibo saying, “He is cute.”

“We are now assured that Americans also think of him as adorable,” a Sony official said.

Reservations to purchase an aibo can be made on the website of the U.S. arm of Sony. The robots are expected to start being delivered in December.

The aibo will be sold at a price of $2,899 (322,500 yen) including service fees such as the three-year Internet connection fee.

The Sony official said that the company is considering marketing the aibo in other countries.