Restoration work of Kumamoto Castle's towers is proceeding well, with exterior sections starting to re-emerge as scaffolding is removed. (Video footage by Nanako Shibata and Masaru Komiyaji)

KUMAMOTO—The removal of scaffolding allowed Kumamoto Castle’s impressive appearance to re-emerge and showed the site is well on the way to looking its best again after being damaged by earthquakes in April 2016.

Restoration work has made significant progress. New video footage and photos show the exterior of the historic castle’s six-story main tower being slowly revealed.

The original black-colored walls of the castle can now also be seen from the southeastern side, where the city center is located.

City officials explained the progress of the restoration work to reporters on Aug. 29. They said the main tower’s roofs and exterior above the third story have been completed, and scaffolding removal has started.

Part of the third story will be obscured by scaffolding again from mid-September, however, as it is re-assembled so doors and windows can be installed.

Exterior work on the main castle tower is expected to be completed in autumn 2019. The interior sections, including those of the secondary castle tower, will be open to the public in spring 2021.