Photo/IllutrationItalian-made chairs and tables are placed in a section of the Narita Premier Lounge at Narita Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture. (Atsuo Negishi)

  • Photo/Illustraion

NARITA--A luxury lounge equipped with a traditional Japanese tea room opened at Terminal 1 of Narita Airport, targeting business class passengers and other premium fliers.

The Narita Premier Lounge, operated by a company affiliated with Narita International Airport Corp. (NAA), is expected to attract about 60,000 users each year.

The space had been previously occupied by a lounge managed by Delta Air Lines Inc. until spring last year. But the company consolidated its two separate lounges into one location, while other airlines requested a lounge near boarding gates.

To meet the request, NAA Business Co. opened the Narita Premier Lounge.

With a floor space of about 930 square meters, the lounge has a seating capacity for 148 people, who can receive food and beverages, including halal meals, and take a shower.

The traditional Japanese tea room is intended to make their time in the lounge “Instagrammable.”

Passengers of about 10 airlines, including Etihad Airways and China Southern Airlines Co., are expected to use the lounge.