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“Anemone: Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution,” the second installment in the “Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution” film trilogy, will hit 107 cinemas nationwide on Nov. 10.

A new visual featuring the largest-ever Nirvash robot in the franchise has been unveiled, along with a trailer for the movie.

The robot anime franchise began in 2005 with a TV series titled “Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven,” followed by a feature film subtitled “Poketto ga Niji de Ippai” (Pocketful of rainbows) in 2009.

The second TV series, “Eureka Seven AO,” aired in 2012.

The story centers around Ao, the son of Renton and Eureka, the protagonists of the original series, who activates the Nirvash for the first time in 10 years.

The much-anticipated new film focuses on Anemone, who is sent to a battlefield to save the world. She has to confront the seventh Eureka robot, or “Eureka Seven,” which has wiped out 2.6 billion people from the Earth’s surface.

The trailer for the movie shows an intense battle between Eureka Seven and the Nirvash in Tokyo, where the story is set, in addition to a weeping young Anemone.

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