Photo/IllutrationAn inside monitor in the latest Lexus ES model shows the situation behind the vehicle as shot by the outside camera. Rain does not affect the view. (Provided by Toyota Motor Corp.)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

NAGOYA--Toyota Motor Corp. will install cameras that will play the role of side-view mirrors in the latest Lexus ES model, a world’s first in the mass production of vehicles, the company said Sept. 12.

The small-sized “digital outer mirror” cameras will shoot the outside situation and display the images on 5-inch monitors located on both sides of the front seats inside the vehicle.

The system will allow drivers to easily see what is happening behind the car, even at night and during rain, helping to improve safety on the road, the automaker said.

The cameras will carry heaters to defog the lenses and will be shaped to prevent accumulations of precipitation.

If a driver activates the turn signal or is ready to go in reverse, the view of areas around the car will automatically expand.

The outside cameras are smaller than conventional mirrors, widening the driver’s field of vision and reducing the sound caused by wind.

If the camera system is broken, a communication device installed in the car will quickly inform Toyota Motor, and the automaker can relay the information to the driver.

The system is optional equipment only for the luxury class of the Lexus model, which is scheduled to go on sale in late October, Toyota Motor said.