The Village Vanguard Online Store is accepting orders for stationery products featuring designs of deities from Studio Ghibli Inc.’s film “Spirited Away.”

The vividly colored series includes a “goshuincho,” a book for collecting “goshuin” seal stamps available at temples and shrines, plastic folders, “pochi bukuro” small envelopes and “ippitsusen” writing pads for short letters.

Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy film is about a girl who finds herself whisked away to the spirit world and struggles to return to the human world.

The goshuincho comes in the form of an accordion notebook made with traditional Japanese “hoshoshi” paper from the Iyo region, or present-day Iyo, Ehime Prefecture.

The A4-sized plastic folder is fully covered with gods and other divine beings from the anime film. The pochi-bukuro set comes with six envelopes, in addition to six stickers embossed with a seal of a bathhouse from the movie.

The ippitsusen is a 30-page writing pad with two different patterns, with its cover made with traditional “washi” paper from the Echizen region, or present-day Fukui Prefecture.

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