Major sporting goods maker Yonex Co. has apologized for falsely advertising a tennis racket as the same one used by U.S. Open champion Naomi Osaka.

“Our explanation that her racket is a marketed product was not based on fact,” the Tokyo-based company said on Sept. 14.

After Yonex released information saying that Osaka’s racket is essentially the same as one already available for sale, the media reported that her racket could be bought in conventional markets.

The company now says that Osaka’s racket was based on a marketed product but customized on her request.

Osaka’s racket and the marketed one are different by about 2 percent in terms of frame weight and balance point, Yonex said. Other features, such as the shape of the racket, are also different.

The strings are the same, however.

“This time, we caused problems for many people because of the wrong information we offered,” the company said. “We deeply apologize for that.”