Yokozuna Hakuho won the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo on Sept. 22.

It was his first victory in five tourneys since the Kyushu tournament last November, and extended his career titles to 41.

This far exceeds the second most career titles of 32 marked by legendary yokozuna Taiho (1940-2013), who retired in 1971.

The win on Day 14 of the 15-day tournament was also Hakuho’s 1,000th in the highest “makuuchi” division.

That is also a record, which is followed by former ozeki Kaio, who retired in 2012, with 879 wins.

In the latest tourney, held in Ryogoku Kokugikan in Sumida Ward, Hakuho, who is 33 and from Mongolia, also marked his 800th win as yokozuna on Day 8.

This figure also represents the most wins as yokozuna.

Kitanoumi (1953-2015), who retired in 1985, trailed with 670 wins.

It took Hakuho, who is 192 centimeters tall and weighs 154 kilograms, about 11 years to reach his 800th win after being promoted to yokozuna, the highest rank, at the age of 22.

In the autumn tournament, sumo fans’ attention initially focused on another yokozuna, Kisenosato, 32, from Ibaraki Prefecture, who had withdrawn from eight tournaments in a row since May 2017.

But Kisenosato lost on Day 6 and Day 8. On the other hand, Hakuho and another yokozuna Kakuryu, 33, also a Mongolian, continued to win without any losses until Day 10.

On Day 11, however, Kakuryu was defeated by Tochinoshin, an ozeki, the second-highest rank.

Kisenosato also lost to Ichinojo, a sekiwake, the third-highest rank. Meanwhile, Hakuho easily defeated ozeki Takayasu, who was chasing Hakuho with one loss.

On Day 12 and Day 13, Kakuryu also lost to Takayasu and ozeki Goeido, respectively.

On the other hand, Hakuho defeated Tochinoshin and Kisenosato in those bouts. As a result, Goeido and Takayasu, each of whom had two losses, chased Hakuho who had no losses.

On Day 14, however, Hakuho defeated Goeido. Takayasu also lost to sekiwake Mitakeumi.

Attention in this autumn tournament also focused on Mitakeumi, who won the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament in July, because he could be promoted to the rank of ozeki in the next tourney if he obtained at least 11 wins.

However, he already has six losses under his belt.