A sumo wrestler who was injured in a drunken beating last year sued a former yokozuna after the two sides failed to reach a settlement through informal channels.

Takanoiwa, 28, on Oct. 4 filed the lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court seeking 24.13 million yen ($211,000) from Harumafuji, 34, who retired as yokozuna to take responsibility for the beating in Tottori in October 2017.

Takanoiwa is seeking compensation not only for the medical treatment he needed after Harumafuji smacked his head with a remote controller at a karaoke bar but also for wages lost by sitting out the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament because of his injuries.

As a result of missing the tournament, Takanoiwa was demoted to the second-highest juryo division for the following tournament in January.

He has since returned to the highest makuuchi division and was ranked maegashira No. 13 in the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament held in September.

Takanoiwa and Harumafuji are both from Mongolia. The drinking session where the incident occurred was attended by a number of other sumo wrestlers from Mongolia, including yokozuna Hakuho and Kakuryu.

According to a lawyer for Takanoiwa, lawyers for Harumafuji suggested negotiations for an out-of-court settlement at the end of 2017. Although discussions began in March, no agreement was reached, and the talks were broken off.

A request was filed with the Tokyo Summary Court in August for mediation in a civil case. But no one from Harumafuji’s side appeared at the mediation hearing on Sept. 26, leading Takanoiwa to decide to go ahead with the lawsuit.

A lawyer for Harumafuji declined to comment on the case because the actual lawsuit had not yet been read.

In addition to retiring from sumo, Harumafuji paid a fine of 500,000 yen on an assault charge after receiving a summary order.

Takanoiwa’s stablemaster, Takanohana, in September decided to retire because of what he said was pressure from the Japan Sumo Association to retract a complaint he made regarding the association’s investigation into the incident between Takanoiwa and Harumafuji.

Takanoiwa now belongs to the Chiganoura stable along with other former members of the Takanohana stable.