A demonstrator moves her hand toward the reader of a new biometric identification system while her facial features are identified, leading to a smooth transaction in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Oct. 5. (Video taken by Keiichi Kitagawa)

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. said it has developed a biometric identification system that takes one second to use and could eliminate the need to show credit cards or enter passwords at stores or events.

The company said Oct. 4 that it plans to install the reader device at large commercial facilities in fiscal 2020.

The system features technology that combines two types of data: the characteristics of a user’s face and vein patterns on the palms.

Users need to register photos of their faces and palms in advance. The technology simplifies the facial characteristics and recognizes these users while the palm vein data swiftly verifies the ID.

The process takes around one second, the company said.

“It is convenient because users do need not touch the reader (for fingerprint authentication), and the facial data is combined,” a Fujitsu Laboratories official said.

The system is intended to identify shoppers and visitors at the entrances of event venues.

One problem nowadays is that users often have to wait for long periods in lines for identifications based on physical characteristics.