Thrill seekers experience virtual bungee jumping from Kyoto Tower in Kyoto. (Video by Yoshiko Sato)

KYOTO--Kiyomizudera, one of the nation's most celebrated temples, is known for its wooden stage built off the main hall that offers panoramic views of the hillsides below.

While no one would advise anyone to contemplate the 13-meter leap from the stage, those wanting to experience the thrill of a steep jump can now do so at Kyoto Tower in complete safety, courtesy of virtual reality.

Thrill seekers don VR goggles while seated in special chairs 34 meters above ground on the observation deck of the structure in the city’s Shimogyo Ward.

The Kyoto Tower Virtual Reality Bungee Jump offers magnificent views of the ancient capital as visitors experience the sensation of being lifted to about 120 meters above ground and then plunging headfirst to the ground like a real bungee jump.

As visitors “fall,” they experience air rushing at them.

The service is being offered through Dec. 24 for those aged 6 or older from noon to 9 p.m. The fee is 700 yen ($6.10), including tax.