The Flight of Dreams commercial complex is centered around Boeing Co.'s first 787 Dreamliner and offers shopping, dining and other attractions at Chubu Airport in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture. (Video by Nen Satomi)

TOKONAME, Aichi Prefecture--While aviation buffs usually hang out on airport observation decks to check out airliners, they can simply head into Flight of Dreams at Chubu Airport.

The new commercial complex, which opens Oct. 12, is dominated by Boeing Co.’s first 787 Dreamliner on display.

Flight of Dreams, which offers aircraft-related attractions, shopping and dining, is expected to garner much public attention as an “airport theme park.”

The main attraction of the four-story complex is the Boeing 787 midsize passenger jet, which weighs about 100 tons and measures 60 meters in length. It is parked in the central area, dwarfing visitors and shops.

The jet was donated to the airport, officially known as Chubu Centrair International Airport, by Boeing based on the local connection that about 35 percent of its parts, such as wings, are produced in the Chubu region.

Two separate areas comprise Flight of Dreams.

Flight Park is an admission-based area on the first and fourth floors offering nine attractions including a projection mapping show, which displays video images twice an hour on the floor and the Boeing 787, through about 100 projectors. It has a system that changes colors in response to visitors walking on the floor.

The other area is Seattle Terrace, located on the second and third floors, where restaurants and stores beckon visitors. It reproduces the streetscape of the U.S. West Coast city, home of the aircraft manufacturer.

Entry to Seattle Terrace is free, while admission to Flight Park is 1,200 yen ($11) for junior high school students and older, and 800 yen for children from 3 and up to elementary school sixth-graders.

(This article was written by Takehiro Tomoda and Shin Toyohira.)