Five major brokerages were forced to suspend trading services due to problems in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s transaction system on the morning of Oct. 9.

The TSE said that one of four lines where securities firms place buy and sell orders was not working as of 7:30 a.m., which affected the leading brokerages, who were unable to accept orders from customers.

Although the TSE had informed each brokerage to switch to a working line, some were unable to switch over, affecting their trading.

SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. announced that it temporarily suspended its online transactions portal Nikko Easy Trade, as well as over-the-counter transactions including buy and new orders for sales on credit.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. also stopped taking some orders.

Nomura Securities Co. and Mizuho Securities Co. also announced the problem in the trading system on their webpages and through other means.

Daiwa Securities Co. said it was temporarily unable to correct and cancel advance orders.

It could not be confirmed if online brokerages such as Matsui Securities Co. and Monex Inc. were affected.

Past system failures in the TSE occurred when Mizuho Securities was unable to cancel an erroneous sell order in 2005 due to a glitch in the computer system. In 2006, trading was halted after a huge number of orders was triggered by the “Livedoor shock,” involving an investigation into Livedoor Co., and derivatives trading was temporarily suspended in 2012 due to a system error.