The Japanese subsidiary of online lodging service Airbnb Inc. will review terms of its contracts with agents that effectively prohibits them from listing their accommodations with other room brokering sites, sources said.

The subsidiary of U.S.-based Airbnb, the world’s largest website for home room rentals, has conveyed its decision to the Fair Trade Commission, which has been investigating the company on suspicion of violating the Anti-Monopoly Law.

Agents handle and manage room rentals for travelers on behalf of the owners of the properties and solicit lodgers by posting information at online sites.

The FTC antitrust investigation began after it was revealed that Airbnb has requested that several agents handling and managing rentals sign contracts asking them not to list the rooms on other sites.

The FTC conducted an on-site inspection of the company in October last year.

An official with the Airbnb subsidiary declined to comment when contacted about the change in policy.

If the commission determines that the subsidiary has cleared up the antitrust concerns, it will end its probe, the sources said.

Airbnb lists information on about 20,000 lodgings in Japan, including inexpensive rooming houses, according to the Japan Tourism Agency.

If Airbnb’s terms of its contract are revised, that will allow potential customers to compare what is being offered at several sites and choose the best option.