Photo/IllutrationKeisuke Fukuchi and Kunihiko Tanida, front right, after arriving at Narita Airport from Germany (Provided by All Nippon Airways Co.)

As flight announcements go, this one could be for the record books.

“World Othello Champion is on board with us,” the captain of the All Nippon Airway’s flight told passengers just before the aircraft took off from Germany for Japan on the evening of Oct. 14.

The hero of the moment was 11-year-old Keisuke Fukuchi, who was flying home after clinching the World Othello Championship in Prague on Oct. 12 and becoming the youngest winner in the tournament's 42-year history.

But there was more to come.

“The previous record was set by a 15-year-old, which I myself established in 1982," the captain went on. "It was beaten by a huge margin."

The captain was none other than Kunihiko Tanida, 51, who won the sixth World Othello Championship, and was the record holder as the youngest winner of the competition for 36 years until Fukuchi came along, according to the Tokyo-based Japan Othello Association.

“We learned that the Japanese representative team (for the international competition) was taking the flight, so we scheduled Captain Tanida, who has ties with the game, to pilot it,” said a member of ANA's public relations team. “The onboard announcement was made at his discretion.”

Tanida's comments and the reactions of passengers were shared on Twitter.