The new theme tune for Kyushu Railway Co.’s luxury sleeper train Nanatsuboshi (Seven stars) is played by a violin and piano duo during a ceremony to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its operation at JR Hakata Station in Fukuoka on Oct. 16. (Yasuyuki Onaya)

FUKUOKA--Kyushu Railway Co. (JR Kyushu) marked the fifth anniversary of luxury sleeper train Nanatsuboshi (Seven stars) in suitably refined style with the live premiere of a theme tune at JR Hakata Station here on Oct. 16.

As the relaxing strains of the music wafted out, the first train left the station to mark the sixth year of its operation since its maiden journey on Oct. 15, 2013.

“Kagayaku hoshi no Okurimono—Yorokobi” (A gift from shining stars--Joy), intended to capture the mood of the stars, was played by violinist Akira Mizutani, accompanied on piano by Kenichi Mitsuda, who also wrote the tune.

“I created the music inspired by my profound impression of the magnificence of Kyushu’s nature, as well as locals waving to the train everywhere,” said Mitsuda, a noted composer who also writes music for famous artists such as Hiromi Iwasaki and Tatsuya Ishii.

“We will strive to offer a service that captures the hearts of passengers,” said JR Kyushu President Toshihiko Aoyagi.