The Tokyo metropolitan government scrapped posters for the 2020 Paralympic Games featuring a disabled athlete expressing her attitude toward sports after complaints they were offensive.

The posters went on display Oct. 8 at Tokyo Station as part of a project called "Team Beyond" to promote the event.

Images of the posters were also removed by the metropolitan government from the project’s website.

In the posters, part of a series featuring the sentiments of 23 sports players with disabilities, a female athlete said: "Disability is nothing but an excuse. If I lose in a game, it only means I'm weak."

The comment spurred controversy online, with users on Twitter saying the expressions were inappropriate.

"Even when people cannot do certain things because of their disabilities, should they be told they are making excuses?" one individual said.

Another post read, "(These words) will harm some disabled people."

The metropolitan government also received complaints by telephone.

In response, a government official said: "The words expressed the player's attitude toward the Games and are not directed at other people. If some people understood the words in a way that made them feel uncomfortable, that was not our intention."

The metropolitan government removed the posters Oct. 15 after consulting a sports organization the player belongs to.