Photo/IllutrationStudents take an entrance examination for a prefectural high school in Osaka. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

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Gender boxes will be removed from students’ high school application forms in Osaka and Fukuoka, the governments of the two prefectures have decided, in what is thought to be an unprecedented move.

The change will be first applied to forms for entrance examinations held in spring 2019.

The decision to remove the boxes was made because gender data is not necessary to collect for entrance exams. In addition, the amendment pays consideration to transgender students and others who prefer not to state a gender, prefectural government officials said.

However, gender boxes will remain on the “chosasho” school reports written by junior high school teachers about each student and submitted to high schools along with the application forms.

Chosasho are based on “shido-yoroku” records of each student at a school. Shido-yoroku also include gender boxes due to a decision by the education ministry.

A survey conducted by the Osaka prefectural government around 2015 found that no prefectural governments had abolished gender boxes from high school application forms.

(This article was compiled from reports by Motofumi Watanabe in Osaka and Junko Watanabe in Fukuoka.)