Photo/Illutration“Shin Godzilla” ((c) 2016 Toho Co., Ltd.)

Instead of fleeing from Godzilla, fans of the “king of monsters” will be heading to Tokyo’s Hibiya district on Nov. 3 to celebrate the 64th anniversary of his “birth.”

The Godzilla Fes will mark the date when the original “Godzilla” film was released in 1954.

The first Godzilla Fes was held last year at Cinecity Square in the capital’s Kabukicho district, where a giant head of the movie monster sits on a nearby building. The festival attracted more than 18,000 fans.

This year, the event will be held at the Hibiya Godzilla Square where a statue of the monster is set up, in addition to the adjacent Tokyo Midtown Hibiya complex and the Hibiya Step Square.

Last year, the festival featured several Godzilla statues, hosted a talk event, opened a pop-up store and offered other programs.

Admission is free.

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