After nearly a year's absence from female "kawaii" metal idol group Babymetal, vocalist Yuimetal confirmed her departure from the band is permanent, due to health reasons.

An Oct. 19 announcement on the group's website said Yuimetal will not be joining its Babymetal World Tour 2018 in Japan due to kick off later this month in Chiba outside Tokyo before heading to Singapore and Australia.

There was no immediate word on a replacement for Yuimetal in the three-member band that was formed in 2010 and has won international acclaim.

The other members are Su-Metal and Moametal.

Yuimetal has been absent from the group's activities since last December, when she was a no-show at a concert in Hiroshima.

In a statement, Yuimetal, 19, hinted at starting a solo career under her real name, Yui Mizuno.

“I have had a strong wish to return to the stage, but my health has not fully recovered yet, even now," her statement said. "I reached the decision to quit since I have also harbored a desire to move toward my dream as Yui Mizuno.”

In 2016, the unit’s second album, “Metal Resistance,” reached 39th in the U.S. Billboard's Top 200 Albums.

The group opened for Lady Gaga’s North American tour and has performed at numerous music festivals abroad.