The “Tsudoi” tourist train, with a footbath installed aboard, has been operated by Kintetsu Railway Co. since October between Nagoya and Yunoyama Onsen stations. (Noboru Tomura)

KOMONO, Mie Prefecture--Tourists wanting to dip their toes in the water of “onsen” baths can get off to a good start with a luxurious new train experience offering a footbath en route to a hot spring resort.

Kintetsu Railway Co. is offering passengers footbaths on weekend train journeys from Nagoya to the Yunoyama Onsen resort here.

The Osaka-based railroad company installed the Japanese cypress wood footbath in the second of three cars comprising its “Tsudoi” tourist train, and started offering the experience on Oct. 6.

The footbath was manufactured by the Komono association of commerce and industry to commemorate the 1,300th anniversary this year of the opening of Yunoyama Onsen.

The footbath is filled with fresh water from the Komono Onsen hot spring along the route each day, Kintetsu officials said.

Trips on the footbath train can be taken once a day on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays through Feb. 24, 2019. Passengers can also get on or off the train at Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station along the route.

A ride on the train requires a fee, on top of regular fares, of 500 yen ($4.46) for junior high school students and older passengers, and 250 yen for elementary school pupils. An additional 100 yen is charged for taking the footbath.