A sumo wrestler who was beaten up at a karaoke bar last year said he has dropped his compensation-seeking lawsuit to save his family in Mongolia from further harassment.

Takanoiwa, 28, filed the lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court seeking about 24 million yen ($213,000) from Harumafuji, 34, who retired as yokozuna to take responsibility for the drunken brawl in Tottori in October 2017.

Takanoiwa’s lawyer said on Oct. 30 that the lawsuit was being retracted because of a bashing campaign against his client’s family back home.

Both the plaintiff and the defendant are from Mongolia.

“It is unbearable to have my family suffer difficulties,” Takanoiwa said in a statement released on Oct. 30. “I want them to lead a calmer life while I strive to better myself in the world of sumo.”

Takanoiwa filed the lawsuit on Oct. 4, seeking compensation not only for the medical treatment he needed after Harumafuji smacked his head with a remote controller at a karaoke bar but also for wages lost by sitting out the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament last year because of his injuries.

As a result of missing the tournament, Takanoiwa was demoted to the second-highest juryo division for the following tournament in January. He has since regained promotion to the highest makuuchi division.

A lawyer for Harumafuji also released a statement on Oct. 30 in which the former yokozuna pledged a sincere response concerning restitution of the damages incurred by Takanoiwa.