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sky partly the purple of eggplants served on All Souls’ Day

--Francis Attard (Malta)

* * *

breeze in the leaves

susurrating in waves

I nod over my book

--Meghan Elizabeth Jones (Calgary)

* * *

Can’t speak out

opening and folding

my small fan

--Satoru Kanematsu (Nagoya)

* * *

a trip to the beach

dad’s ‘short cut’ gets us there

as the tide turns

--Patricia Campbell (Houston)

* * *

harvest moon can wait

origami festival

at the School of Arts

--Francis Attard (Malta)

* * *

Great Blue Heron stands

on one leg in the water

morning yoga

--Jane Beal (Huntington Beach, California)

* * *

sad Chopin duet ...

crying to piano and

distant train whistle

--Ed Bremson (Raleigh, North Carolina)

* * *

giant chess

children look the knights

in the eye

--Lee Nash (Poitou-Charentes, France)

* * *

wails of wind

in the falcon’s eye

a world of its own

--Helga Stania (Ettiswil, Switzerland)

* * *

A crow

looks right between the eyes

of the scarecrow

--Kali Herrera (Misawa Airbase, Aomori)

* * *




the tarantella

inside the ancient alleys--

old people dance

--Angela Giordano (Avigliano, Italy)

The elderly are the best dancers when traditional southern rhythms play at neighborhood parties in the haikuist’s hometown. Helen Buckingham would do away with redundancy in Bristol.

redundant teacher

repeats ...

glasses please!

Charlie Smith kicked up his heels to the sounds of a Mongolian horsehead fiddle and traditional four-stringed lute on the campus of North Carolina State University.

haunting pipa tones

horsehead fiddle races

bow and bows

Itoko Suzuki decided to stop driving due to her age, but she retains fond memories of driving at this time of year between New York and Connecticut. Those “happy moments” she recollects, included planning the routes, choosing a co-driver, selecting clothes to wear, preparing lunch and reserving a hotel at the destination.

autumn leaves

New England RT 7


Surrendering his driver’s license in exchange for an identity card, Kiyoshi Fukuzawa still smells the sweet rewards of being in the front seat.

Driving home …

hand from the back seat

daughter’s candy

Suzuki affirms the “elderly can still enjoy going for a drive” to sense the autumn “breeze, moving clouds in the open sky, changing colors of the leaves, and intimate chats with family members or friends in the car.”

long time ago

holding my own wheel

autumn leaves

Junko Saeki suggests those over 70 need not become shut-ins as they can ride public buses in Tokyo using an inexpensive silver pass.

for me

the city bus--

a lane of golden trees

Making her debut in this column, Joanne van Helvoort gently hinted at just how much she missed her co-driver. Christina Sng sings in Singapore. Everyone piled into Slobodan Pupovac’s family sedan. Madhuri Pillai’s pet appreciated every minute of the drive.

first drive alone

I open the door

on the wrong side

* * *

baby’s first car ride

we sing wheels on the bus

all day long

* * *

picnic day

the dog first enters

in the car

* * *

country road

the flap of his ears

against the wind

Goran Gatalica took the wheel firmly in his two hands. Patricia Campbell led a pack of Magpie haiku and tanka poets in Calgary. Lucy Whitehead shined her high beams. Danijela Grbelja tuned in her favorite radio station in Sibenik.

going for a drive

another blessing

from my mother

* * *

afternoon drive

describing the landscape

to my sleeping friends

* * *

rows of sunflowers

appearing and disappearing

midnight drive

* * *

a long night drive

songs that I love

keep me awake

Luciana Moretto loves driving to Cansiglio plateau near Treviso in Italy for the tremendous sunset views of fir and beech trees. Mila Aumiller sees red.


unrequited love ...

driving aimlessly

* * *

the blood red hand

swept across

the swift, silk sky

Muscovite Evgeny Ivanov hesitated to leave. Maltese poet Francis Attard shrugged his shoulders.

Train departure--

tears from the girl

on my collar

* * *

cool wind blows

eviction paper folded

albatross takes off

Gerald Cuccio from Toronto composed this tribute to the Snail:

Trailblazing a path,

No destination in mind,

Forever at home.

Country roads take Valentina Ranaldi-Adams home to Fairlawn, Ohio. Pupovac’s car was passed in Zagreb, Croatia.

Country drive …

traffic consists

of two hens

* * *

country road

a swallow’s flight in front

of my car

Amy Losak can’t leave Teaneck, New Jersey.

stuck in one place

a line of buses shimmer

in the distance

Eva Limbach was at a loss for what to do next in Saarbrucken.

abandoned nest--

my travelbag filled with

useless stuff

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