Photo/IllutrationAn installation of fake Yayoi Kusama works in Changsha, China (Provided by Yayoi Kusama Foundation)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

Popular artist Yayoi Kusama is outraged that art-goers are being duped by shows of her counterfeit polka dot-themed artworks popping up in Chinese cities, including Shanghai.

Kusama, 89, shared her anger with The Asahi Shimbun on Oct. 31.

“I was astounded to hear that many people have visited (the exhibitions) believing they were shows of my artwork," she noted. “It is an utterly disappointing situation that my lifelong creations were stolen and exposed to people’s eyes in wrong forms.

“People of China, as well as people across the globe, please immediately call off such exhibitions of counterfeit works.”

The Yayoi Kusama Foundation, which Kusama herself chairs, released a statement on Oct. 27 blasting such exhibitions as “a contemptible transgression of the originality and copyrights of all artists,” and it “therefore strongly condemns these actions.”

It also said that the shows in Shanghai and Changsha exhibiting fake prints and installations had been canceled upon the foundation's protest. However, it is aware that similar events may have been held in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Chongqing and elsewhere, and there are also other reports being investigated.

Kusama has earned global acclaim with her work that features vividly colored paintings and sculptures.