"Most of my classmates treated me like I was a germ. I hope there will be no bullying in my next life."

These were among the final words of a high school boy who killed himself after sending a message to his favorite musician describing his anguish over bullying he said he faced at school.

The e-mail, sent in late August, was addressed to U2HORUN, pronounced yu-yu horun, a 32-year-old singer and songwriter whose songs speak for children who experience bullying or child abuse.

The boy revealed his name and wrote that he had been targeted by a number of classmates, saying they hid his textbooks and demanded money.

The e-mail included an apology and words of gratitude to his family and close friends.

"The reason I am writing this to you is that you have supported me (through your music), and I hope you spread what I went through," the boy continued.

U2HORUN himself attempted suicide twice in his teens, owing to family problems and other issues.

Based on that experience, he has been composing songs for children and teenagers facing similar situations, some of whom refused to attend school, for almost a decade and sharing videos online.

After receiving numerous requests from young fans wishing to send him messages, just to be read, he made his e-mail address public three years ago, noting that he would be unable to reply to them. He now receives as many as 100 e-mails a day.

"I wanted them to feel a little better by venting their pain," said U2HORUN about the one-way correspondence.

In early September, he received an e-mail from the mother of the high school boy, telling him that her son took his life shortly after sending the e-mail.

"I am typing this e-mail thinking that I must thank you, Mr. U2HORUN, for supporting my son, who I could not support."

She said her son used to listen to U2HORUN's music constantly.

The musician has received messages from thousands of children, but it was the first time for him to discover that one of his fans had committed suicide.

He said he still regrets not posting a message on his Twitter account or blog, which the student may have read before deciding to commit suicide.

The mother sent U2HORUN five e-mails in total, sharing her regrets and agony. "I could not pick up on my son's SOS to the very end," she said in one message.

In another, she wrote, "I can't forgive anyone who hurt my son, including myself."

She mentioned that she once noticed that her son looked different and asked how he was doing, but he only replied, "It's nothing," and she did not pursue the matter.

In an interview with The Asahi Shimbun by e-mail, the mother said, "If I could rewind time, I would hug my son and tell him to ‘run away’ (from school).

"If I could fulfill his last wish to spread what he went through to prevent more people from suffering, his death could mean something other than just sorrow."

The boy's school has maintained that there was no bullying or inappropriate guidance, and that it intends to explain to his family how he was at school.