Photo/IllutrationKitKat "Mini Strawberry Tiramisu" (Provided by Nestle Japan Ltd.)

Giving fans one more reason to "Have a Break, Have a KitKat," Nestle Japan Ltd. will soon start limited sales of a strawberry and tiramisu flavor variety.

“Strawberry Tiramisu” KitKat is being introduced to mark the 45th anniversary of KitKat’s debut in Japan.

The new flavor was the top pick in votes cast in a worldwide competition.

The chocolate wafer bar will hit the shelves in convenience stores and supermarkets on Nov. 19.

The company said the wafers, packed with bitter tiramisu-taste cream containing coffee and cocoa, are coated in strawberry-knead chocolate.

It said 4,000 entries were submitted to Nestle Japan's call for new flavor ideas and 21 were selected for the final ballot.

In total, 500,000 or so votes were cast from 81 countries and regions.

“Strawberry Tiramisu” received strong support from voters from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Britain. “Wasabi Cheese,” “Yuzu” and “Passion Fruit” flavors were also popular.

Entertainer Noritake Kinashi designed the packaging.

The suggested retail price is 120 yen ($1.06) for a 3-pack bag to be sold in convenience stores, and 500 yen for an 11-pack bag that will be available in supermarkets and drug stores.