Photo/IllutrationThe T-shirt in question featuring images of the mushroom cloud after the atomic bomb dropping as well as the words “Patriotism,” “Liberation” and “Korea” worn by a model (Captured from the shopping website)

SEOUL--A T-shirt manufacturer here tried to quell a furor triggered by a member of popular South Korean boy band BTS wearing one of its products with an image of the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion.

The owner of the manufacturing company said there was no intention to disparage Japan, and offered an abject apology.

Responding to questions from the South Korean media on Nov. 9, the owner said, "We created it because we felt young people might have an interest in history if we included a sense of history in fashion targeting young people."

Earlier the same day, TV Asahi Corp. canceled a planned broadcast of a performance by the seven-member group after a photo of one of them wearing the controversial T-shirt went viral on the Internet.

"We had no intention of stirring up anti-Japanese sentiment or using it to retaliate against Japan," the owner said, adding that the T-shirt design was intended only to display in historical sequence the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945, the unconditional surrender of Japan and the liberation of the Korean Peninsula from colonial rule.

The owner apologized to BTS for having caused offense with the product.

Images of the BTS member wearing the T-shirt had been uploaded to the Internet prior to the scheduled TV appearance, leading TV Asahi officials to hold discussions with the record company for BTS to determine the intent.