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Clear autumn--coins in the fountain shining hope

--Satoru Kanematsu (Nagoya)

* * *


our grace before a meal

just once

--Luciana Moretto (Treviso, Italy)

* * *

roasted chestnuts ...

scent of grape harvest

from the cellar

--Lucia Cardillo (Rodi Garganico, Italy)

* * *

homemade wine

she bottles all the colours

of autumn

--Lucy Whitehead (Southend-on-Sea, Essex)

* * *

glass of merlot

the night shares itself

with fireflies

--Alan Summers (Wiltshire, England)

* * *

the softening

of her lip line--


--Arvinder Kaur (Chandigarh, India)

* * *

after supper

greasy tom-cat’s moustache

an old man’s beard

--Midhat Hrncic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

* * *

Beaujolais Nouveau

his sweet-and-sour-breath

on my cheek

--Eleonore Nickolay (Vaires sur Marne, France)

* * *

O Reddish Egret!

dancing free in the dawn-light

wild in the wetlands

--Jane Beal (Huntington Beach, California)

* * *

My daughter--

drained her champagne glass

at a gulp

--Yutaka Kitajima (Joetsu, Niigata)





with a glass of champagne,

sparkling eyes

--Natalia Kuznetsova (Moscow)

The haikuist stirs our imagination by suggesting the old woman “may be telling her granddaughter some story from her rich past or just thinking of some love affair or...” Lucy Whitehead swirls, sniffs, sips and savors the season’s first kiss.

blackberry wine

the taste of autumn

on our lips

Guliz Mutlu imagines the taste of Turkish syrup made from condensed black grapes in Ankara. Writing from home in The Netherlands, Joanne van Helvoort wistfully recalls an evening listening to melancholic folk songs from Portugal.

the harvest over

a folk song

pekmez cloud

* * *

after hours

the Fado singer drinks


Laurence Brothers sips on a purple-colored cocktail with a candied cherry at the bottom of the glass. He admits, “Really, I like the appearance and the delicate violet aroma more than the taste, but the taste isn’t bad either.” Valentina Ranaldi-Adams vacationed away from Fairlawn, Ohio.

aviation cocktail:

violet shimmer and scent

oh! maraschino!

* * *

ocean view--

the sun sets

in a tropical cocktail

Did you know that several haiku bars in Matsuyama concoct drinks according to the haiku their patrons compose? The 8th Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest is accepting entries until Jan. 14. Contest judges Seiichi Morimura, Itsuki Natsui and David McMurray select the winners. Enter online here:

Deborah Kolodji’s favorite winery is in Temecula, California. On a veranda attached to the tasting room, she enjoyed a glass of white wine “sitting and watching the rabbits who can be seen sometimes near the vines off the terrace.”

pinot grigio

at the winery

vineyard rabbits

Luciana Moretto shops for Italian bread to soak in wine and then offer it, along with dates, as a conciliatory gift to a friend. Ranaldi-Adams placed cooling cucumber slices on her eyes while soaking in a heavenly hot tub.

market day

the basket of dates

a sop

* * *

flavored water

at the spa--

cucumber moon

Admitting that he’s “not a fan of croissants” served in Montreal bistros, Richard Jodoin commiserates “but the one filled with almond paste can beat the English muffin.” In a show of one-upmanship, Horst Ludwig says the pastry sold in “The Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt is one of the best in Germany for tourists, everyone, not only Hansel and Gretel.” Although they are hard to buy in Japan, he notes that “here in the U.S. and all over Europe, ALDI sells those cookies; 8 in a package.”

Glint of moonlight

on my plate--

a croissant

* * *

Little X-Child mart

in Nuremberg’s town center

witch’s ginger cookies

Lothar M. Kirsch favors stew in Meerbusch, Germany. Sailing the high seas, Muscovite Evgeny Ivanov goes for the fish.

A witch’s cottage

offering homemade stews

no advertising

* * *

Cruise ship--

the fried trout

swings in a dish

Francis Attard wrote this one-line tribute on Nov. 11 in remembrance of World War I: Poppy Day honors the year-old promise to meet old pals.

Slobodan Pupovac climbed out of his wine cellar in Zagreb brimming with a smile. Danijela Grbelja stores red wine good enough for gods to drink deep down in a dark cave in Sibenik, Croatia.

dust wiped from

the bottle of wine

old friendship

* * *


without the Sun and the Moon

divine wine

Teiichi Suzuki admits he wined and dined feeling “like a wolf-man.” Junko Saeki spent her money on refined delicacies at a ryotei-style restaurant in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward. Marek Kozubek prefers a spicy Thai dish in Bangkok.

Hunter’s moon--

a steak broiled rare

with red wine

* * *

the scent of warm sake and

pine-mushroom rice


* * *

Tom Yum Kung--

what a spicy taste

on her lips

The Pupovac family looks forward to weekend fare in Zagreb. Nothing tastier than beef entrails served slightly warm, hints Ramona Linke in Germany. Almost everyone in the Rozic family loves when grandad “vigorously stirs food in the pot” in Ivanic-Grad, Croatia. Ana Drobot steadied her hand in Bucharest.

Saturday lunch

a plate set for grandma

from the nursing home

* * *

tripe soup

father liked it


* * *

he cooks today...

I clean the stove,

walls and ceiling

* * *

a glass of white wine--

I continue my childhood painting

of magnolia in bloom

After the autumn rains and typhoons, there wasn’t much left on Kiyoshi Fukuzawa’s tree in Tokyo. Eleonore Nickolay braced for a momentous occasion in France.

Poor harvest

birds alone rise to

last persimmons

* * *


she feels her baby

turning downward

Thais Fernandes felt right at home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Expanding circle--

diaspora in the west

Jews beyond Israel

Vasile Moldovan heard nothing louder than a trickling tear during a funeral in Bucharest.

A teardrop

in a cupful of wine--



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