FUKUOKA--Komusubi Takakeisho won his first championship in the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Nov. 25 at the tender age of 22 years and three months after ozeki Takayasu, who was tied with him, fell on the final day.

Takakeisho was the sixth youngest wrestler to clinch a first career championship since 1958, when the current setup of six tournaments a year started.

His victory came after his recent move to the Chiganoura stable with his peers after his former stable, Takanohana stable, was dissolved in October following stablemaster Takanohana's retirement from the sport.

Takakeisho remained the solo leader with a 12-1 record until he suffered a second loss to Takayasu, 28, in their showdown on the penultimate day of the 15-day tournament at Fukuoka Kokusai Center.

Takakeisho finished with a 13-2 record after defeating maegashira No. 3 Nishikigi on Day 15, who ended 8-7. Takayasu ended at 12-3 after losing in a long struggle in the final bout of the day to sekiwake Mitakeumi, who finished at 7-8.

The tournament opened with grand champions Hakuho and Kakuryu sitting on the sideline due to injuries, leaving Kisenosato as the sole yokozuna competing.

But Kisenosato, the first Japan-born wrestler to be promoted to sumo’s highest rank in 19 years, posted four straight losses from Day 1, forcing him to pull out of the race due to an injury for the ninth time.

His withdrawal is expected to rekindle calls for him to retire.

Takakeisho, who is from Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, joined the former Takanohana stable in 2014 as Takanohana, one of the greatest yokozuna, was his hero.