True feelings surfaced on "Good Husband and Wife Day" in Japan, as less than half of respondents surveyed said they would marry the same partner if born again.

However, three-fourths rated their marital relationships as "harmonious," although an overwhelming majority of wives harbor complaints toward their husbands.

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. conducted the online survey in October of married people aged between 20 and 79 and received 1,620 responses.

Asked if their husband and wife relationship is harmonious, 29.9 percent replied that it was “harmonious” and 45.4 percent said “relatively harmonious.” When compiling the two answers, the percentage totaled 75.3 percent.

Meiji Yasuda said there may be many people who don't want to say their relationship is “ideal,” although they feel their relationship is “harmonious.”

On a gloomier note, asked if they "would marry the same partner if born again," only 42.6 percent in total said they would “definitely marry” or “probably marry” the same spouse.

Seventy-six percent of wives had complaints about their husbands. Among these, 26.7 percent, the highest, complained that their husbands are “not considerate” toward them.

In the ranking of ideal couples, actor Tomokazu Miura and former idol singer Momoe Yamaguchi, who tied the knot in 1980, headed the list for the 13th consecutive year.

The survey was released on Nov. 22, which is known as Good Husband and Wife Day in Japan.