Photo/IllutrationComputer-generated Pikachu in one scene of the film “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” ((c) Legendary and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (c) Pokemon)

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Flying from the video game screen to the big screen, the globally popular “Detective Pikachu” will be made into a live-action film in Hollywood and released next spring.

Leading Japanese entertainment company Toho Co. made the announcement during a news conference in Tokyo on Nov. 29.

“Pokemon Detective Pikachu” will be produced by Legendary Pictures, the studio that handled “Pacific Rim,” and will feature acclaimed actor Ken Watanabe.

The "Pocket Monster" characters, including Pikachu, will be depicted by computer-generated imagery.

Film director Rob Letterman, who is creating “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” said at the news conference that it took a year for the production team to create the characters through CGI in aiming to project an image of the "Pokemon" characters.

Letterman also said that he is happy as his child loves Pokemon, and this will be an amazing project.

Japanese actor Ryoma Takeuchi, who will do voiceover work on the film, told reporters, “I feel happy as the dreamlike world will become a live-action film.”

In Japan, the film will be released in May 2019.

The “Pocket Monsters” video game series has been popular since its launch in 1996. It has been featured in TV anime series, films and the “Pokemon Go” smartphone app.