Up to 72,000 brass watch dials are used in a show offered through a collaboration by Citizen Watch Co. and architect Tsuyoshi Tane in Tokyo’s Minami-Aoyama district on Dec. 7. (Rei Kishitsu)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding, Citizen Watch Co. is offering an illumination show in Tokyo using tens of thousands of watch dials suspended in the air to create a surreal world.

The event, dubbed “Light is Time,” at the Spiral Garden in the Minami-Aoyama district, is a collaboration between the watchmaker and architect Tsuyoshi Tane.

About 72,000 brass dials are placed in a geometric pattern in the show, reflecting golden light in many directions.

Visitors can also watch archive footage on the development of the company’s solar-powered wristwatches at the venue.

The show will run until Dec. 16. Admission is free.