Women gather in front of Juntendo University in Tokyo on Dec. 14 to protest its medical school entrance exam that placed female candidates at a disadvantage. (Video footage by Nobuo Fujiwara)

Protesters held a silent vigil outside Juntendo University on Dec. 14 against the institution's admission that it had discriminated against female candidates taking the medical school entrance exam.

The silence was intended as a symbolic gesture of scorn for a reason given by the Tokyo institution for setting the bar higher for females than male applicants.

A university official explained that the practice was adopted because women had better communication skills due to the fact they were more mature than men at the age when entrance exams were held.

Rather than shout out their opposition, the protesters stood in silence. Participants included medical students holding candles and placards decrying sexual discrimination.

The protest was organized by a group called MSAIDs (Medical Students Against Inequality and Destitution) and held in front of the main Juntendo University campus in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward.

A 29-year-old male graduate student at a private medical university touched upon a academic article that Juntendo University used as its rationale for discriminating against female candidates.

"It is laughable to do away with fairness in the entrance exam based on a single article," he said.

Another male company employee also lashed out at Juntendo University for citing academic articles to justify discriminatory practices.