Osaka Metro Co. has a diverse plan to remake 15 subway stations. (Video provided by Osaka Metro)

OSAKA--Osaka Metro Co. announced plans to spend more than 130 billion yen ($1.2 Billion) to spruce up its subway system and construct a high-rise on an artificial island in time for Osaka World Expo in 2025.

The man-made island of Yumeshima is now being developed in Osaka Bay.

The building to be constructed over the new subway station that will be established on Yumeshima will have 55 stories, rise to a height of 250 meters and contain a commercial complex, entertainment facilities, offices and a hotel.

An observation deck is planned for the top floor. Operations at the subway station building are scheduled to begin in fiscal 2024.

Osaka prefectural and city authorities also plan to allow an integrated resort complex, including a casino, to operate on the man-made island.

Osaka Metro President Hideaki Kawai said LED lighting would be installed in the underground tunnel leading to Yumeshima from the mainland "to turn it into a space that can be linked to the future."

Osaka Metro also unveiled plans for a makeover of 15 stations along the Midosuji and Chuo lines.

That project will cost 30 billion yen and each station will be reborn based on various themes that befit their characteristic.

For example, the concept for the Shin-Osaka Station of the Midosuji Line is "Osaka of the near future," while "history" will be the theme for the Yodoyabashi Station along the same line. Similarly, "textiles" will be the theme for Shinsaibashi Station and "animals" will be the concept for Dobutsuen-mae Station, given that it is near the zoo.

Kawai said the company wanted to create a carnival atmosphere at the stations so the objective of using the subway will be to enjoy it rather than simply to get from A to B.