Photo/IllutrationJapan Airlines Co. President Yuji Akasaka at a news conference in Tokyo in November (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

Japan Airlines Co. said it will punish a cabin attendant for drinking champagne on a flight from Japan to Hawaii, following an in-house investigation.

Although the 46-year-old woman denied the accusation, an empty 170-milliliter champagne bottle that had not been served to a passenger was found in a trash bin on the aircraft.

JAL announced Dec. 25 that President Yuji Akasaka will take a 20-percent pay cut for one month over the incident.

Eri Abe, who is in charge of cabin crew, will have her salary docked by 10 percent for one month.

An alcohol level exceeding the airline's limit was detected twice in breath-alcohol tests the cabin attendant took on a flight from Narita to Honolulu on Dec. 17, according to JAL. Three of her co-workers said they noticed the smell of alcohol.

Based on the discovery of the empty bottle in a galley close to the area the woman was responsible for, and her frequent visits to a washroom, JAL concluded that she drank alcohol.

An in-house experiment showed that even if the woman had used mouthwash in the washroom, it would have no significant impact on the alcohol reading.

The cabin attendant is also suspected of having consumed alcohol while on duty in November 2017, JAL said.