Photo/IllutrationA scene from “Yuki-onna: Tokubetsu-hen” ((c) Leiji Matsumoto (c) DLE, illustrated by Midori Aoi with the help of the Leiji Matsumoto official website)

MATSUE--Renowned manga artist Leiji Matsumoto and the creator of the “Secret Society Eagle Talon” flash anime teamed up on a video promoting Shimane Prefecture's Matsue as a home to ghost stories.

The clip, now streaming online, features “Yuki-onna” (snow woman), a ghost story written by Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), who later became a naturalized Japanese, assuming the name Yakumo Koizumi.

The project came to fruition after “Eagle Talon” creator Frogman asked his idol Matsumoto, known for “Galaxy Express 999” and many other popular titles, to provide character designs. A member of the villainous secret society, Yoshida-kun, also appears.

“My dreams came true,” the video artist said of the unlikely pair-up. “Anime can be deeply poignant and entertain people even 10 and 20 years later. It can also be easily adapted into many languages.”

The 10-minute clip is called “Yuki-onna: Tokubetsu-hen” (special episode).

City officials held a news conference on Nov. 26 to announce its release and other news. Frogman participated through a teleconferencing system.

They also published 20,000 copies of a pamphlet to publicize the video, which they distributed to anime goods shops in Tokyo and at events.

You can see the video on YouTube and a special website set up by the city government at (