Footage of “Ice pillars of Ashigakubo,” a man-made icicle spectacle created on a mountainside in Yokoze in Saitama Prefecture’s Chichibu district on Jan. 9. (Shogo Koshida and Kazuhiro Nagashima)

YOKOZE, Saitama Prefecture--The dream-like scenery of an entire mountainside covered with towering man-made icicles is captivating visitors here in the Chichibu district of Saitama Prefecture.

The spectacular frozen artwork, known as the “Ice pillars of Ashigakubo," soars 30 meters high and stretches 200 meters wide over the mountain.

Local residents of the popular destination known for its mountains and temples began watering a slope in a mountain forest in the area in December, spreading mountain runoff with hoses and sprinklers to create the icicles.

A severe drop in temperatures during the year-end and New Year holidays made it possible to complete the work, according to Yokoze’s tourism and industry development association.

This is the sixth time for the town to create the icicle spectacle, which it started in 2014 to attract more tourists during the severe winter when the number of visitors to the area drops.

The event will continue until Feb. 24.