AMAMI, Kagoshima Prefecture--Hearing elementary school students yell "there's a shark," two teens dashed to the beach here on Jan. 8.

But it wasn't a scene out of "Jaws."

Instead, they found something much less scary but much more valuable: a jumbo bluefin tuna stranded in the shallow waters.

For Azumi Ikariyama, 14, and Naoto Yamashita, 15, finding the highly prized fish may have felt like snagging a spectacular "otoshidama," money that Japanese kids receive at New Year's.

They waded into the waters to retrieve the fish but it was too heavy to lift.

Though the bluefin appeared to be dying, it still put up a mighty struggle. The boys splashed around in their clothes wrestling to pull the tuna up with all their might for nearly an hour.

The pair spotted a rope on the beach, looped it around the fish's fin, and were eventually able to drag it out of the water.

Adults carried the tuna to the local fishermen’s association, where it was determined to weigh about 97.6 kilograms and measure about 174 centimeters long.

Staff at a local "izakaya" Japanese-style pub cut the bluefin. Part of the fish was shared with people in the neighborhood.

The teens, who enjoyed eating steak from the fish at home, said it was “really delicious” and that the experience of landing it makes them feel “this year will be a good one.”