Money issues that upset the marriage plans of Princess Mako and law student Kei Komuro continue to fester, despite assertions by her intended that the matter has been resolved.

Komuro released a statement through his lawyer on Jan. 22, explaining the background to the issue for the first time, stating that it is now "already settled."

Mako and Komuro, both 27, were classmates at International Christian University. They announced their engagement plans in September 2017 and initially planned to hold their wedding ceremony on Nov. 4 last year, but the money issue forced them to postpone the proceedings.

The abrupt announcement of a delay in Mako's formal engagement and marriage prompted her parents, Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, to demand answers from Komuro's family.

Mako is the oldest grandchild of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

The former fiance of Komuro's mother issued a rebuttal to Komuro's assertion that the issue has been resolved, saying, “The trouble has not been settled.”

The man spoke to The Asahi Shimbun to respond to Komuro's statement issued earlier in the day.

He explained that he shouldered expenses that Komuro's mother had difficulty paying, such as for her son's education. The man said he was happy to do so, as he thought they would marry. But when the relationship fell apart, he decided to ask for the money back.

In his statement, Komuro said he was trying to reach an understanding with his mother's former fiance.

He said his mother became engaged in September 2010, but the man broke off the relationship exactly two years later.

When that happened, Komuro said his mother told her former fiance that she would repay the funds she received during the engagement period, but that the man said it would not be necessary as he had “no intention to receive it back.”

With that as background, Komuro concluded that any matters concerning money problems, such as financial support or compensation, had already been settled, according to the statement.

It said that around August 2013, the man wrote to his mother asking for the return of expenses he shouldered during the engagement period.

The statement said his mother responded that it would be difficult to meet his request, having sought advice from legal experts.

After that, his mother didn’t hear from the man directly, the statement said.

After news broke of the relationship between Mako and Komuro, weekly magazines started carrying stories about the man’s request for the return of the money, which Komuro said left him "feeling really confused,” according to the statement.

In a news conference last November, Prince Fumihito said, “If the two still hold strong feelings for each other and still want to marry, I believe that there must be an appropriate response to this issue that will allow for such an outcome.”

The man who was engaged to Komuro’s mother said he spent more than 4 million yen ($36,500) on living expenses and Komuro’s school tuition in Japan and overseas due to the woman's repeated requests for financial assistance.

“I offered to break off the engagement because her demands for financial support became so frequent, and I struggled to make a living.”

According to the man, when the relationship ended, Komuro's mother said, “I can only repay about 10,000 yen a month.”

The man said he spurned the offer on grounds the sum was so small.

“It is too little, so please reconsider it,” he said he told her. “I haven’t said that I want her to return money for dinners or gifts while we were engaged."

"As for their living fees or school expenses, I intended them as a loan. I haven’t changed my mind about that, and I want my money back,” he said.