Renowned manga artist Rumiko Takahashi, famed for her comics "Urusei Yatsura" and “Mezon Ikkoku,” won the grand prix at one of the world's largest comics festivals, being held in France.

She became the second Japanese grand prix winner, following "Akira" creator Katsuhiro Otomo, honored in 2015.

The prestigious Festival International de la Bande Dessinee d’Angouleme has been called the Cannes Film Festival of the comics world.

It awards the grand prix to creators seen as having made significant contributions in the development of comics.

Takahashi, 61, was chosen through ballots cast by 1,672 comics artists during the 46th annual event.

The festival's official website praised her for being a rare female comics artist who has been creating comics for boys.

“She is the first person who cast off traditions of comics, and has become the queen of boys' comics,” festival officials wrote.

The officials also cited the Japanese proverb, “A nail that sticks out will be hammered down,” in lauding her courage to be different.

“In such a society (in Japan) where non-conforming elements tend to be shut out, Takahashi has always focused on outsiders and someone who is odd, intending to advocate that they also have opportunities,” the officials wrote.

“Her comics are comedies, but are very much progressive works at the same time. The characters in her comics who have faults and personalities full of humaneness have been loved by readers across generational lines.”

Takahashi's other representative works include “Ranma 1/2” and “Inuyasha.”