HONG KONG--The Avenue of Stars, a popular tourist attraction showcasing the glory of Hong Kong’s movie industry, particularly its iconic martial arts flicks, reopened on Jan. 31 after years of renovation.

The promenade is on the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui, a bustling shopping and entertainment district in the Kowloon Peninsula's south end.

A statue of martial arts legend Bruce Lee in his signature fighting pose stands tall against the backdrop of Victoria Harbor and skyscrapers. The bronze cast image of the U.S.-born actor, who died at age 32 in 1973, used to be mounted on a stone before the renovation, but now stands on a pedestal filled with water.

A bronze statue of Anita Mui, Hong Kong’s beloved pop music diva and award-winning film actress, is also exhibited in the promenade. Mui died at age 40 in 2003.

The handprints of more than 100 celebrities grace the handrails of fall-prevention railings. The prints of Hong Kong natives Jackie Chan, the world-famous action movie star, and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, best-known for “Enter the Fat Dragon,” which he directed and starred in, are among them.

On the reopening day, many visitors from China and overseas visited the promenade and enjoyed posing for photos with the statues and laying their hands inside the handprints.

Avenue of Stars, which opened in 2004, became a must-see landmark where visitors could enjoy the atmosphere of classic Hong Kong movies. The area had been closed since 2015 for renovation work.